About Us

Human Resources has served the HR practitioner community in Singapore since 2004, Malaysia since 2011, and Hong Kong since 2015. Through its monthly magazines, daily email newsletters, website and suite of targeted events, Human Resources exists as Asia’s leading source of HR-related news to help senior HR professionals excel in their field. Credible, fiercely independent, and always first to bring HR news to the wider industry, Human Resources is circulated to 33,500 senior HR professionals (latest ABC audit report figure), making it the most-read publication in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Brand Attributes

  • Human Resources is needed. Senior HR professionals are making the transition from back office administrators to valued members of the strategic management team. Human Resources helps HR managers make this transition effectively.
  • Human Resources is relevant. All Human Resources content – delivered in print, digitally, or through live events – is the product of continuous qualitative and quantitative research into the information needs of senior HR practitioners in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Human Resources products contain what HR decision makers want to read.
  • Human Resources is trusted. Senior HR managers do not have time to read magazines and websites they can not trust. This is why they choose to read Human Resourcescontent and attend Human Resources events.

Human Resources daily HR Bulletin

The monthly print edition of Human Resources is supported by HR Bulletin, a daily email news service which is emailed every work day to more than 90,100 HR professionals in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.